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Jan 2017: there is a
new Melchior website >>

Just needs a final check & proofread. But go there anyway!


Melchior | web design

Melchior Profile

Web development, design, research and maintenance; project management and support; training; associated software development and procurement.

The great majority of our work is of a non-commercial nature.

Melchior Approach

Technology is not an end in itself. It shouldn't be your starting point either. Think about what you want to achieve first, and how it will be implemented afterwards. We can help you do that.

Fashions on the web change quickly, but trends are harder to spot. We can help you with that too.

Melchior support

We are able to help you run your own website... or we can share the work with you. And we're always available to help, over the telephone or by email, as you build up your own experience and expertise.


Melchior Telematics - Beeston - Nottingham - England       Tel: +44 115 943 6891      Email: